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The original band line-up have recently reformed in the studio. Their initial goal is to finish off a long-postponed studio album, which was on the tapes since they disbanded in the mid 80’s.

Phoenix Rising - The Live Session LPThe Live Session

Alan (Jack) Bunker

Pete Bangert

Chris Hamilton

This album which they are calling ‘After The Fire’ (to reflect it’s post-dated release), contains definitive recordings of their extensively gigged first album material. Although some of the tracks were captured on The Live Session recorded right at the start of their gigging career, this album more accurately reflects the final versions of the material.

Pete, Jack and Chris are working with digitised versions of Danny’s original drumming (since he is sadly no longer with us). The guys are adamant that working with ‘Digital Danny’ is  freakishly like having him in the room, but as Pete puts it “...but without the backchat...”

Alongside their recording sessions, Pete and Jack are busy writing and demoing new Phoenix Rising Material. These should hopefully appear in a new Phoenix Rising album in due course.

Pignaif Blue-ish coverPete and Jack with their backs to the wall... Again...As a spin-off from their Phoenix Rising work, Pete and Jack have released the latest in the set of the Pig’n’aif jam-band line-up albums. This one is called ‘Pig’n’aif Blue-ish’.
The album contains re-constructed Blues/Rock standards performed with a definite Pig’n’aif twist. Click on the cover to hear some sound-clips from the album.

There are also other Pig’n’aif projects in the pipe that they are working on actively. You can find out more about these on the Pig'n'aif Website. The guys are very excited about all of their current projects, which are unleashing a hugely productive period in their musical relationship.

It is entirely possible that both band projects could spawn live gigs. That is certainly the hope expressed by the Phoenix Rising line-up although they will be looking for a drummer to fit Danny’s seat.

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Pignaif Blue-ish - Click for more info

Pig’n’aif Blue-ish


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