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Leukaemia Research Benefit

Phoenix Rising

Leukaemia Research BenefitCatalogue Numbers:
PR07-CA01 (Cassette Tape - 1992)
PR07-CD01 (Compact Disc - 2001)

  • 01.
    Heartbreaker (4:08)
    "No Audio"
  • 02.
    Keeper Of The Light (3:39)
    "No Audio"
  • 03.
    What Is And What Should Never Be (3:31)
    "No Audio"
  • 04.
    Electric Chair (4:49)
    "No Audio"
  • 05.

Please note these soundclips are reduced quality

Danny Spencer, the original Phoenix Rising drummer succumbed to an untimely death at the age of 30, a victim of Leukaemia. As a tribute, Pete Bangert formed a new band line-up consisting of  Mel Day, Nick Parfrey and Gordon Henderson in order to raise awareness and funding locally for the Leukaemia Research Fund. This cassette was made in 1992 as a 'live' session in the  ‘Blank Tape’ 8 track Studio in Sheffield.

Tracks were taken from the live set the band performed and included Led Zeppelin, Wishbone Ash and Sassafras covers in addition to Stormbringer, the original Phoenix Rising track written by Pete Bangert and performed widely by the original band line-up.

All proceeds from sales of the audio cassette tapes were passed on to the Leukaemia Research Fund. This amounted to a significant sum over the next couple of years. The tape is no longer available but the content of the tape may be obtained on a limited release CD in a slimline case on application to the label. Proceeds to you know who. Please Contact Us if you would like to purchase a copy and help the Leukaemia Research Fund in the process.

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